Cara Allen Diamond Award

The Cara Allen Diamond Award for Outstanding Patient and Family Centered Care is sponsored by the parents of Cara, Chloe and Kenneth Allen, who were triplets in our NICU. Cara passed away after 318 days in NICU. The Allen family is appreciative each day of the compassion and care they received during their NICU stay, especially in the dark moments of Cara's passing. Cara's siblings, Chloe, who spent 196 days and Kenneth, who spent 318 days in the NICU, are thriving because of the care they received at Arkansas Children's.

The family chose to use a "diamond" as the symbol of the award as it represents the birthstone of their children and it also comes from the Greek word "adamant" which is unyielding in attitude or opinion in spite of all appeals or urgings. Diamonds are formed from one of the darkest objects, coal, yet when they are nurtured they are beautiful, strong, and rare! During a family's darkest or most stressful time, an exemplary team member's nurturing of a family can help them feel strong like a diamond.

Arkansas Children's values the respect, care and compassion that team members provide every day to our patients and families. The Cara Allen Diamond Award honors Arkansas Children's team members who excel in providing respectful and compassionate care using an individualized and collaborative approach.


If you are a patient or patient's family member and have received outstanding patient and family-centered care, you may nominate a deserving Arkansas Children's team member by completing the Cara Allen Diamond Award Nomination Form. The recipient will be given various forms of recognition.