Programa de especialización en enfermería

Are you interested in enhancing your knowledge of pediatric patients through a meaningful experience? Arkansas Children's has partnered with Versant to offer a nursing fellowship program to Arkansas Children's newly hired experienced Registered Nurses. This formalized fellowship program will greatly benefit its participants, the patients, and the hospital, especially in the hospital's ongoing commitment toward quality and safety grounded in evidence-based practice.

Arkansas Children's Versant Fellowship Program Details

What are the unique features of the Versant RN Fellowship Program at Arkansas Children's?

  • Specialty area education and curriculum offered in an environment which is supportive in enhancing your knowledge of pediatric care.
  • Acknowledgment of your previous RN experience. To offer you a tailored learning experience, you will participate in a Performance Gap Analysis, which will highlight your strengths and allow us to focus on your training. The guided immersion period with a preceptor will offer you the opportunity to refine your skills through practical application.
  • Establishment of a professional support network through mentoring and debriefing sessions which offers you expert resources to assist in your nursing career growth, coping strategies and fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Due to the nature of the program, time off during the immersion period (8-12 weeks in length) time off is discouraged. Any time off will require the approval of the hiring manager and the Versant Program Coordinator prior to the start of the Fellowship.


  • 1 year RN experience
  • Experienced RNs being hired into a new area of practice
  • Selected candidates must possess an Arkansas or compact state RN license prior to the start of the fellowship.

Important Dates

The Versant RN Fellowship Program is offered 4 times a year, with start dates in January, March, June, and October.

Application Requirements

For questions regarding program details, please email

For questions regarding applying online or application timelines, please email