Patient & Family E-Council

Do you live too far away to be an on-campus Advisor but still want to be a part of the team? The E-Council Advisor shares their feedback, perspective and suggestions electronically on a variety of topics presented by staff members. Access to an electronic device with internet access would be needed to be an E-Council Advisor. The E-Council is a way to connect for those living at a distance from Arkansas Children's, who can't get away from work, who wants to help but doesn't have a lot of extra time, or, has difficulties finding childcare. The E-Council is great for anyone!

  • Applicants will be asked to complete an application, background check, interview and training.

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Patient & Family Advisor Hours: If you are a current Patient and Family Advisor and would like to update your volunteer hours, please log in to your Volunteer Portal. You can continually update your hours or enter them once per month. Thank you for all you do for Arkansas Children's!