Comprehensive Surgical Treatment for Plastic and Reconstructive Issues

Our craniofacial, cleft and pediatric plastic surgery specialists at Arkansas Children’s are skilled in the surgical treatment of congenital or acquired conditions or issues for children of any age.

We also specialize in the treatment of facial trauma issues including anything from a simple jaw fracture to pan-facial fractures. One of the most important factors in trauma care for facial fractures or skull reconstruction is the benefit of a comprehensive children's hospital – with the multidisciplinary care of every pediatric specialty – all available all under one roof. Members of the trauma care team may include neurosurgeons, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists and oral maxillofacial surgeons. For both routine and more complex craniofacial conditions, our team can help with comprehensive care including:

Routine Craniofacial & Plastic Surgery Conditions

  • Craniosynostosis (Metopic, Coronal, Sagittal) and craniosynostosis syndromes (Crouzons, Pfieffers, Apert's) -  Approximately 40-60 open cases per year, endoscopic assisted cases approximately 12-20 per year
  • Cleft lip and palate in infants - Approximately 30 cases per year
  • Severe under-bites, over bites  or jaw abnormalities associated with or without a cleft - Approximately 20 - 25 surgeries each year
  • Masses, scars or lesions anywhere on the face or scalp - Approximately 75 - 100 cases each year
  • Facial fractures or skull reconstruction (cranioplasty) - Approximately 30 - 40 cases each year
  • Soft tissue reconstruction of the body (breast reduction, chest wall reconstruction, extremity reconstruction) - Approximately 20 - 30 cases each year

Complex Craniofacial Conditions

  • VP Shunt-induced craniosynostosis - 13 cases over the last 4 years. Zero shunt infections, improved head shape in all cases, most had improvement in symptoms
  • Treacher-Collins Syndrome, Crouzon Syndromes, Apert's Pfeiffer's, Saethre-Chotzen, Muenke Syndrome - Approximately 20 cases in the last year
  • Fibrous dysplasia or neurofibromatosis affected the facial bones or skeleton - Approximately 10 new cases per year
  • Tessier Facial Clefts  - 2 cases over the last 2 years