Major Contributions in Pediatric Plastic Surgery Research

Clinical research has played an integral role within the Craniofacial, Cleft, and Pediatric Surgery Department at Arkansas Children's since its inception. The department research program has made major contributions in clinical investigation in the following areas:

  • A multi-department study of the genetic basis of craniofacial syndromes
  • Two large studies on endoscopic craniosynostosis repair and shunt-induced craniosynostosis

Papers and Publications on Pediatric Plastic Surgery

To share recent innovations in plastic surgery, experts at the Craniofacial, Cleft and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Department at Arkansas Children’s have prepared manuscripts on of the following topics:

  • Epidemiology of non-syndromic craniosynostosis
  • Outcomes of atypical Tessier facial cleft repair
  • Skeletal management of lymphatic epidemiology of non-syndromic craniosynostosis
  • Published Pubmed articles 

Developing Innovative Medical School Curriculum

Together with ongoing research and discovery, our physician-scientists are dedicated to teaching the next generation of craniofacial specialists through the development of innovative medical school curriculum. Our team led the efforts for a new University of Arkansas Medical School College of Medicine course entitled Fundamentals of Suturing, which began in the fall of 2017.