ENT Appointments & Contact Information

We understand that seeking treatment for an Otolaryngology disorder can be stressful. If you're visiting the Otolaryngology Clinic, your pediatrician will provide background on your child, but will appreciate any context you can offer.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Before leaving home, please make sure you bring a list of your child's medications including medication name, dosage and how often it's taken.
  • Antes de llegar, revise que tiene su tarjeta de seguro, identificación y el dinero para el copago, si corresponde.
  • After registering at the front desk of the Otolaryngology Clinic, you'll be asked to complete a medical history form and insurance paperwork.
  • One of our Otolaryngologists will meet with you to go over family health history and perform an exam on your child.


Arkansas Children's Hospital
ENT Clinic; South Wing, 2nd Floor (Get Directions)
Citas: 501-364-1225
Administración: 501-364-2656
Fax: 501-978-6440

Arkansas Children's Northwest
Clínica de Otorrinolaringología
Teléfono principal: 479-725-6800
Citas: 479-725-6995

Jonesboro Clinic
Clínica de Otorrinolaringología
Main Phone: 870-336-2175
Citas: 501-364-4000