Su consulta a nuestra clínica de urología

Citas: 501-364-4000
Administración: 501-364-2632
Fax: 501-364-3960

Entendemos que buscar tratamiento por un trastorno urológico puede resultar estresante. Nuestro equipo de urología ofrece a las familias todos los recursos posibles para facilitar el tratamiento. Esto es lo que probablemente ocurra.

Si visita la clínica de urología, es posible que sea a través de una remisión del pediatra de cabecera de su hijo. Tendremos los antecedentes de su hijo, pero agradecemos cualquier contexto que pueda darnos.


  • It will be helpful to complete our standard medical history forms.
  • Please make sure you bring a list of your child's (the patient's) medications including medication name, dosage, and how often it's taken.
  • Please make sure you have your insurance card, ID, and any co-pay.
  • Ask your child’s primary care physician to fax us records about your child’s health to include test results related to the reason your child is coming in to see Urology.

During Visit:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Check-in at the Welcome touch screen in the clinic.
  • After registering in Urology Clinic with our Patient Access Representative, you will be assisted with signing up for MyChart. At Arkansas Children's Hospital, MyChart is the secure online access to portions of your child's medical records. You can securely communicate with the health care team about:
    • Your child’s condition or test results
    • Request prescription renewals
    • View and track your child’s immunization record
  • A nurse or tech will call you and your child back to an exam room where your child’s weight, height, and blood pressure will be taken.  Posiblemente también le pidan a su hijo o hija que orine en un recipiente en un baño privado, con su ayuda si la necesita. Get more information about common urology tests and procedures.
  • A Urology provider will meet with you to go over family health history and perform a physical, which will be gentle and non-invasive. Incluirá un examen en integral del abdomen, la pelvis y los genitales de su hijo o hija.
  • After the visit, you will check-out at the front desk to receive a summary of your visit and to schedule a future appointment if needed.

Follow up:

If you have additional questions after your visit, you can call the Urology nurses’ line directly at 501-364-2632 or send a message to our team through MyChart.

¿Qué pasa si mi hijo necesita cirugía?

Urology Services at Arkansas Children's Hospital has repaired urological conditions for thousands of kids across the region. Ofrecemos tratamientos considerados e integrales en los que los padres pueden confiar.

If you think your child might need surgery, he or she will be evaluated by a urologist. You can make an appointment by contacting us or ask your pediatrician for a referral.

After evaluating your child through the Urology Clinic, our specialist will recommend the best course of treatment which may include surgery. Le explicará los beneficios y riesgos, y elaborará el plan más conveniente para su familia.

If surgery is required, a surgery scheduler will work with you and the surgeon to arrange a date. To schedule surgery, please call our office at 501-364-3960.