Nursing Research Department 

Research and evidence-based practice (EBP) are among the ways nurses provide care, love, and hope to the children and families we serve, and the Nursing Research department is committed to being a leader of professional excellence for all nurses at Arkansas Children's. The team is engaged in conducting nurse-led inter-professional research studies and EBP projects. We offer a variety of services to frontline nurses, leaders, APRNs, shared decision-making councils, and others as requested. In addition, we offer regular education about research and EBP to hospital staff.

The Nursing Research department provides mentoring and assistance that allows nurses to develop and enhance their professional careers, leading them to the next level. We can assist you with the following:

  • Research study development
  • Documentation development including protocols, consent, HIPAA, and more
  • Submission of abstracts for conferences
  • Poster and podium presentations
  • Manuscript development and submissions to professional journals
  • UAMS IRB documentation and CLARA submissions, including Letters of Determination for quality improvement projects
  • Survey development and administration
  • Statistical analyses including qualitative theming
  • EBP summaries
  • Consultations and brainstorming sessions

» More information can be found on the Nursing Research Website

Nursing Research Council

Our purpose is to increase the scientific foundation of nursing practice and serve as the organizing body for all nursing research conducted at ACH. Our main responsibilities involve establishing the yearly research agenda, approving all nursing and PCS research studies before submission to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Institutional Review Board (UAMS IRB), and developing and implementing policies related to nursing research. We help nurses and shared decision-making councils/clinical area-based councils in several ways:

  • Consultations and support for research studies
  • Strengthening of research studies by review and recommendations
  • Translating research findings into practice

As we contribute to the shared decision-making structure, we strive to help nurses conduct quality research studies which lead to increasing the body of knowledge for our professional practice and to improving patient care and clinical outcomes.

Nursing Research Team

The Nursing Research Department Team is available by email or by appointment to serve your needs. We also accept walk-in consultations. Contact us by telephone at 501-364-3252 or by email at