A growing number of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) work on the campus of Arkansas Children's. This group includes Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA). APRNs work in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient care areas.

If you are an advanced practice registered nurse or another healthcare professional that would like to network with an APRN in a specific specialty area, please refer to the following APRN Directory for contact information.

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The Excellence in Nursing Awards recognize, reward and celebrate Arkansas Children's most outstanding nurses and friends of nurses. Know an exceptional nurse, staff member, or team who deserves recognition? Nominate them today by following the award links below.

Minimum Requirements for all awards:

  • Must be an ACH or ACNW employee (unless otherwise specified)
  • Must not be on active disciplinary action
  • Members of the ACH Nurses Week Committee are not eligible
  • All nominations and submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2022, for ACH and ACNW awards. (*Deadline extended) 

ACH Awards

ACNW Awards

About the Daisy Award

The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses recognizes the compassionate care of extraordinary Registered Nurses (RN). It was established by the DAISY Foundation - a foundation for the elimination of Diseases Attacking the Immune System in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. The Barnes family established the foundation in their son Patrick's memory because they had experienced firsthand the skills, caring and compassion of many nurses. The award is given to recognize outstanding nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

There are three main criteria for selecting recipients for the DAISY Award: Compassionate, Quality, Family-Centered Care 

    Quality of Care

  • Provides high-quality, family-centered, and compassionate care while upholding the ACH safety and behavioral standards
  • Supports evidence-based practice while promoting achievement of positive patient outcomes
  • Develops and supports an environment in which high quality care is provided

    Interdisciplinary Relationships

  • Promotes positive interdisciplinary relationships and views them as essential to exceptional
    patient care
  • Collaborates with health care team members and promotes a sense of mutual respect among all disciplines

    Nurse as Teacher

  • Incorporates teaching into all aspects of patient care and recognizes its importance in the development of other nurses as well as in the provision of quality family-centered care communication
  • Models excellent interpersonal skills, has a positive attitude and exhibits outstanding customer service skills
  • Encourages and values feedback

Patient and Family Centered Model of Care

We believe that the family is the primary source of strength and support for the children, adolescents, and adults we serve. We view family members as vital to enhancing the patient's health and well-being. We respect and honor the beliefs, values, and perspectives of each patient and family member, regardless of their individual circumstances. We strive to demonstrate compassion, respect, collaboration, support, and advocacy.

Arkansas Children's nurses partner with patients, families and other disciplines to plan, deliver, and evaluate individualized care which achieves optimal outcomes for each patient. Nurses also collaborate with patients, families, and other providers to create an empowered environment where "best practices" can be evaluated and implemented to assure safe, evidence-based and comprehensive care.

Evidence-Based Practice Professional Practice Model

Arkansas Children's nurses realize patient and family-centered care through our practice model which incorporates professional development, shared decision making, interdisciplinary teamwork, and evidence-based practice. Arkansas Children's strives to create a nurturing professional development environment that empowers nurses to advance their education and skills to provide specialized care. Arkansas Children's nurses are responsible for their own professional development and for nurturing the professional development of colleagues and students. Because we value the expert knowledge of our nurses, we believe that shared decision- making creates an environment of shared accountability for excellent outcomes. Interdisciplinary teamwork is also key to excellent outcomes. In this empowered environment, nursing care is planned, delivered, and evaluated using the principles of evidence-based practice.