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ACH Named a Gold Certified Safe Sleep Champion

Gold Certified Safe Sleep ChampionACH is vigilant about creating an error-free and injury-free environment. Did you know that babies should always be put to sleep on their back and that caregivers should remove all soft bedding, bumpers, and toys from their sleep space? Arkansas Children's has been recognized as a Cribs for Kids® National Gold Certified Safe Sleep Champion, which means we are dedicated to providing caregivers tips and resources to keep your baby sleeping safely! Read the press release

Prevent SIDS/SUIDS: ABCs of Safe Sleep

Watch the video below to learn more about how using the ABCs of Safe Sleep can help protect your baby from SIDS and SUIDS.

Know your ABC’s of safe sleep

A – Alone (never co-sleep with your baby)

B – Back (only put your baby to sleep on their backs)

C – Crib (make sure your baby’s sleep environment is safe and free of suffocation hazards, i.e. blankets, bumper pads, stuffed animals, etc.)

Safe Sleep Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Safe Sleep Toolkit for Hospitals

The materials below may assist hospitals in the development of safe sleep policies and programs for infants. For more information, contact the Injury Prevention Center at 501-364-3400 or by email at

Staff Training Materials

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