Knee injuries that often occur in children include:

  • Knee cap dislocation
    • The patella can be pushed or stretched out of placed from an impact, a fall or a twisting injury
  • Ligament injuries 
    • Ligaments are tissues that connect bones to bones. Ligaments on the outer side of the knee or within the knee can stretch or tear from a fall, twisting or impact
  • Meniscal tears
    • The meniscus is a crescent-shaped cushion of cartilage that sits between the femur and the tibia. It can tear in a fall, dislocation, twist, impact or along with another knee injury.
  • Tendon tears
    • Tendons connect muscles to bone. In the knee, tendons are at work at the patella and the shinbone. They can tear in a fall, impact or twisting injury.