When a patient has a disease or sickness that involves the brain or spinal cord, sometimes a lumbar puncture is needed to collect a sample of the fluid that surrounds these structures to make a diagnosis and treat the issue. Some treatments involve injecting medications within this space.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the procedure, your child will be evaluated to ensure the lumbar puncture is warranted. If sedation is required, your child will need to be fasting for an appropriate amount of time.

During the Procedure

The procedure is performed in the Interventional Radiology room. After cleaning the back, local numbing medicine is used. Under image guidance, the needle is advanced to the desired location. Once the needle is in the desired location, a sample of fluid is taken. If medication is needed to be administered, it will be done after the sample is taken.

After the Procedure

The patient will be asked to lay flat on their back for an hour in our recovery area. After being discharged, the patient should rest avoid strenuous activities, especially ones that will strain the back.