Percutaneous ablation is a technique to treat tumors through the use of specialized needles. The needles ablate (destroy) the tumor using heat or cold.

Preparing for the Procedure

Your child will need to be sedated for the procedure. This will require them to be fasting from food and drink. This is typically a same-day outpatient procedure.

During the Procedure

The procedure is performed in the Interventional Radiology suite or CT suite. After appropriate sedation, the skin is cleaned and draped. Under image guidance, a special needle is advanced into the tumor. Heat or cold is then used to ablate the tumor. The needle is removed, and a Band-Aid is placed.

After the Procedure

This is typically a same-day procedure. If there is pain, it is usually treated at home with Tylenol or Motrin. Return to normal physical activity will depend on the specific treatment site, but is generally within a few days to a couple of weeks.