Embolization (closing blood vessels) is a proven treatment for varicoceles. Indications to treat varicoceles include symptoms (such as pain or heaviness) and preservation of fertility.

Preparing for the Procedure

Your child will be sedated for the procedure and will need to be fasting.

During the Procedure

The skin on the arm is cleaned, and then a small catheter is placed in a vein. The catheter and wire are then directed into the left renal vein and then down into the left gonadal vein. A venogram will be performed to plan closure. Soft metal coils are placed at the bottom of the gonadal vein. A sclerosant (irritant) is then given along the length of the gonadal vein. A final coil is placed at the top of the gonadal vein before it enters the renal vein.

After the Procedure

This is a same-day procedure. After recovering from the sedation, there is no activity restriction.