As a school nurse, you have one of the most important jobs in your school district. You serve as a bridge, linking students to physical, mental, and emotional health resources and support they need to keep them healthy and ready to learn. Arkansas Children’s wants to support the incredible work you do and the students you care for by making available a variety of health resources through this webpage. We hope that these resources help keep you informed, successful, and confident in all of your work to care for your students. Arkansas Children’s considers you one of our best Champions for Children!

What other health-related resources do you need?

We welcome your suggestions about additional physical, mental, and emotional health resources that you would like to see included on this webpage. Let us know by emailing

School Nurse Academy

Learn about training opportunities for school nurses to help better serve their students. 

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Asthma Management for Students at School​

Increase your knowledge about new asthma guidelines/protocols to manage asthma in school-aged children.


Helpful Links

Diabetes Education Videos - English

Diabetes Education Videos - Spanish

Get the EARS tools and skills necessary to provide an appropriate and relevant education to students who have hearing loss or other auditory disorders. Learn more by watching the YouTube playlist, signing up for the HEARSAY newsletter or visiting the EARS LiveBinder. 

Recognizing and Managing the Poisoned Patient in the Prehospital Setting
Charles sits down with Dr. Erica Liebelt to discuss overdose and poisonings in the pediatric population. Dr. Liebelt is new to Arkansas we are looking forward to all the great things she will be doing here soon! 

Pediatric Trauma with Dr. Todd Maxson Round 2 Trauma Cases
Charles and Dr. Maxson talk through trauma cases in the pre-hospital setting. This is a great review of pediatric trauma and the big picture. Dr. Maxson is the Chief of Trauma Surgery here at Arkansas Children's and has done many wonderful things for the improvement of trauma care in our state.

Pediatric Emergencies with Dr. Renita Pushparajah
This is a great overview of general pediatric emergencies. Dr. Pushparajah is one of the Attendings in the Emergency Department at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock 

Pediatric Trauma with Dr. Todd Maxson Round 1 Tension Physiology
In this lecture, Charles and Dr. Maxson discuss tension physiology and polytrauma. This is a great review of systems and how they are affected by trauma.

Pediatric Codes and Delivering Bad News with Dr. Beth Storm
This is a talk about resuscitation efforts in the Pediatric population. Dr. Strom also spends some amount of time here discussing difficult conversations with parents. Dr. Storm is the medical director for the Emergency Department at Arkansas Children's in Little Rock.

Stop the Bleed with Clayton and Charles
Charles and Clayton demonstrate how to teach stop the bleed. This video could actually be used to teach with. Obviously the hands-on portion of Stop the Bleed would still need to be done. Clayton is the chief of the STAR team at Metro Emergency Services here in Little Rock. He oversees tactical, bike and hazmat teams.

From Hospital to Home: How to Suction a Tracheostomy

From Hospital to Home: How to Change a Tracheostomy

From Hospital to Home: How to Clean and Care for a Tracheostomy

My Child Needs a Tracheostomy - ENT Doctor Explains Tracheostomy Procedure and Home Care

From Hospital to Home: Caring for a Child with a Tracheotomy

Arkansas School Nurse Vodcasts

We recognize School Nurses as Champions for Children in our communities and celebrate your commitment to the children of Arkansas. This vodcast and its educational content are dedicated to supporting you. You and your peers select each topic, and it is our goal to provide you with a high-quality education that is also relevant. Our overarching goal is to foster relationships and build partnerships with each of you as we focus on better preparedness to care for children. See a list of vodcasts below:

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