What is ARKids First?

ARKids First was designed by the State of Arkansas to ensure the children of working families who earned too much for public assistance but could not afford to purchase health insurance. For more information, visit the State of Arkansas' website for ARKids First: http://www.arkidsfirst.com/home.htm.

Are my children eligible for ARKids First

Visit the State of Arkansas' website for specific eligibility information: http://www.arkidsfirst.com/elig.htm.

How do I apply for ARKids First coverage?

Permita que el personal de Arkansas Children's lo ayude con el proceso de solicitud al llamar 501-364-1230. O puede llamar a la línea gratuita del 1-888-474-8275 y toda la información de la solicitud le será enviada por correo. Applications are also available at your local Department of Human Services office, local health units, other hospitals, churches, day care centers, pharmacies and public schools.

You will need:

  • Proof of your income to help determine your eligibility
  • Social Security numbers for all family members
  • Birth Certificates for all family members