Your Child's Visit to Outpatient Rehab Services

Your child's schedule for therapy will be established to meet your child's needs. However, the schedule may be adjusted depending on various factors. Re-evaluation of your child's progress occurs regularly and determines the need for ongoing or discontinuation of the rehabilitation. Home exercise programs are frequently provided and are an essential component to your child's progress and success.

In order to best serve your family and meet your needs, some guidelines have been made and are listed below.

Equipment Safety

The Rehab Services Department has many fun pieces of equipment. For the safety of all, please do not allow family members on any equipment! Patients should not be on equipment unsupervised.


  • Please arrive early enough for your appointment to park, visit the restroom, etc.
  • Once you arrive in our department, please sign in using our "Blue Box."
  • If your child is not called back within 15 minutes of your appointment, please remind our secretary.
  • If you were given a written prescription from your physician for therapy/orthotics, please provide that to your therapist/orthotist on the first visit.
  • We prefer that younger siblings remain with parents in the waiting room during therapy. If they must accompany parents to the therapy gym, they MUST sit quietly. We understand this is difficult for small children, so if they are disruptive to other patients please remove them from the main gym area. Your child may actually participate better if siblings (or others) are not distracting them!
  • Your child should wear or bring loose fitting clothes for evaluation and treatments. Tennis shoes are preferred.

Late Arrivals

PLEASE notify us if you are going to be late or if you need to cancel your appointment. Being more than 15 minutes late may result in your child not receiving any or all of their scheduled therapy. We try to adhere to our schedule of appointments, and while things do occur; we respect your time and ask that you respect others' time too. Call us: 501-364-6909.


Inconsistent attendance to therapy may affect your child's progress. Your child is expected to attend all scheduled appointments. If your child misses multiple appointments (more than 3 in a row or attends less than 75% of scheduled appointments in a 3 month period) they may be removed from the schedule and placed back on our waiting list. It is VERY important for you to call or tell your child's therapist/orthotist as early as possible if you will be unable to attend. If you need to change your appointment to ensure consistent attendance, please speak with your child's therapist. Perhaps a different day or time would be available to accommodate your schedule. We will try to work with you as our schedule allows.

Please do not bring your child to a therapy/orthotic appointment if you or your child have been actively sick; vomiting, "greenish" runny nose, or if he/she has had a fever within 24 hours of the appointment time. Call to cancel the morning of your appointment if possible, and no later than 1 hour prior to your child's appointment time. Call us: 501-364-6909.


It is your responsibility to make sure your insurance has approved your therapy/orthotic visits with us. If the therapy/orthotic visits are not approved, you need to determine your method of payment prior to the initiation of services. Please call our financial counselor, at 501-364-6909 with questions or concerns.


Please call either your child's therapist or the Outpatient Rehab Clinical Coordinator at 501-364-6909 if you need any additional assistance.