Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a chronic disease with no known cause. There are different forms of the condition, which can affect one or more joints at a time and may also affect the skin and eyes.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis causes:

  • Joint inflammation
  • Swelling in the joints and/or the eyes
  • Pain
  • Limited movement
  • Skin rash
  • Fever

There is no cure for juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Treatments focus on reducing and controlling symptoms and allowing your child to live life as normally as possible.

Treatments include:

  • Medicines to reduce inflammations, such as corticosteroids and anti-inflammatories. Medicines may be taken orally or given as joint injections.
  • Orthopedic surgery to replace joints if needed
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation to keep joints flexible, and to strengthen bones and muscles to support joints. Therapy is also used after surgery to regain mobility.