Compassion is the cornerstone of our program for children with diagnoses related to sexual development. Arkansas Children's is committed to offering genuine support in a nurturing environment for these patients.

Our mission is to provide children and their families with the tools to overcome the challenges of their diagnoses. Families whose children have ambiguous genitalia will find support, teamwork, education, and partnership for their journey in this comprehensive specialty clinic. The specially trained team that treats your child includes psychologists, urologists, geneticists, and endocrinologists, as well as a host of support services. Treatment options may include medications or surgery, and some conditions do not require intervention.

    The multidisciplinary In STEP Clinic provides evaluation and care for the following:

  • Anomalies of genetic sex differentiation
  • Atypical development of external genitalia
  • Gonadal differentiation
  • Differentiation of the internal sex ducts
  • Incomplete development of sex anatomy

We are grateful for the opportunity to care for your child and help them fulfill their promise. Primary care physicians refer patients to the In STEP Clinic at Arkansas Children's Hospital.