In Arkansas, the statistics on child abuse are staggering: more than 9,000 substantiated cases of physical or sexual abuse every year. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that only one out of 10 child abuse cases are even reported.

Thankfully, these children and their families now receive care and treatment in a single safe place: The David M. Clark Center for Safe and Healthy Children on the campus of Arkansas Children's. The Clark Center houses multidisciplinary teams who provide patients with comprehensive, coordinated care to medical, emotional and legal needs. The result is a fundamental change in how child abuse victims are diagnosed, treated and support - which creates better outcomes for these fragile patients.

Dr. Karen Farst is the medical director for the Rebecca and Robert Rice Medical Clinic. She leads a team of specially trained child abuse pediatricians who are trained and skilled in evaluating children who may be victims of some type of abuse or neglect. The clinic performs 700 exams and consults for abused children every year.

As you might imagine, Dr. Farst is a vocal advocate for child safety and child abuse prevention. She recently shared with us a few of her most trusted resources for parents and caregivers on child abuse prevention:

Here's more about Dr. Farst, a passionate Champion for Children: