Making children better today and healthier tomorrow often starts with a patient transfer. The Arkansas Children's Operations Center offers the highest level of service as a one-call transfer system, providing a single-entry point to transfer patients to the Arkansas Children's system.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Arkansas Children’s Operations Center provides a seamless transfer process for patients, families and providers with a centralized entry point to all Arkansas Children’s facilities.

Contact the Arkansas Children's Operations Center to initiate a transfer today at 888-764-5437.

Operations Center Questions and Answers

Who answers the phones in the Operations Center?

Dedicated RNs answer all calls and accept patients based on diagnosis, admitting service and capacity. During peak hours, providers (hospitals/intensivists) will expedite handoff and direct communications from provider to provider.
When do I use the Operations Center for transfers?

The Operations Center is available for transfers to an Arkansas Children's emergency room, transfers from an individual provider or even requesting an Angel One dispatch. The Operations Center covers Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock and Arkansas Children's Northwest in Springdale.
What about direct admits?

The Operations Center also takes calls for direct admits, including transfers from ED to ED, ED to direct admit and direct admit to direct admit.
Can I still call Angel One directly for patient transport?

Yes! The direct line to Angel One is still available, and transfers can still be made by calling Angel One directly as needed (e.g., NICU transfer). Their direct number is 1-800-ACH-HELP (1-800-224-4357) or 501-364-6429.
Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Contact your physician liaison directly if you have specific questions about the Operations Center.