For the convenience of our patients and families, Arkansas Children's Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy can fill your child's medication after a clinic visit or hospital stay. The ACH Outpatient Pharmacy can save you an extra trip to an outside pharmacy while you return home from the hospital or clinic.

Our pharmacy team members are trained on children's medications. Children react differently to medications than adults, and our team is experienced with pediatric doses and drug interactions. Ask your nurse about sending your child's prescription to the ACH Outpatient Pharmacy for convenient pickup.

Services include:

  • Filling and refilling medications
  • Patient and parent counseling on medications
  • Specialty prescriptions such as compounding oral medications
  • Providing prescriptions to uninsured patients with no upfront charge to the patient (families would need to speak to a financial counselor for arrangements)

After Your Child’s Hospital Stay

The outpatient pharmacy can fill your child's discharge or take-home medication quickly and conveniently. If your child is staying in the hospital, the outpatient pharmacy may be able to deliver directly to their bedside. Please talk to your nurse or call the pharmacy to learn more. The outpatient pharmacy can also compound oral medications as needed for your child.

Other Resources

Medication Disposal

How to Dispose of Old Medications

Arkansas Children's Hospital offers a safe way to dispose of unwanted medications. If you have medications that are outdated or no longer needed, we provide three convenient locations to deposit them.

Look inside ACH for the metal bins in these locations:

  1. the main entrance past the admissions desk
  2. outside the entrance to the outpatient pharmacy (Sturgis Building)
  3. the 2nd floor of the South Wing by the Southwest Entrance

Arkansas Poison and Drug Information Center (APDIC) - 1-800-222-1222


The outpatient pharmacy accepts most major prescription insurances, Arkansas Medicaid and PASSE (Arkansas Total Care, Empower Healthcare Solutions, and Summit Community Care). Please present your prescription insurance card at the pharmacy to determine if we are in-network with your insurance provider. 


The ACH Outpatient Pharmacy is located in the Sturgis Building.

Curbside pickup available on an as-needed basis: Curbside pickup is available for immunocompromised patients and patients with an active COVID-19 infection or who are in quarantine for possible COVID-19 exposure. Call the pharmacy main line at 501-364-1223, and ask to speak to a pharmacy representative. The representative will arrange to have your medicine brought out to you. Please park in the front Sturgis parking lot, which is south of the main hospital entrance.


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