Just one month later, Tiffany went into labor. But it was too soon! Her pregnancy was only 28 weeks along. Baby Marley needed at least another three months to grow inside her mom before she was big enough and healthy enough to join the world.

But baby Marley has a mind of her own. She was born 12 weeks early and weighed a whopping two pounds, one ounce.

Marley was immediately rushed via an Angel One ambulance to Arkansas Children's Hospital where she was admitted into the NICU. She needed a breathing tube to help her tiny lungs expand, and a feeding tube to provide her with crucial nourishment.

The NICU experts at Arkansas Children's Hospital care for premature babies like Marley every day. Some of these babies are so small they will fit into the palm of your hand. Some are even born
weighing less than one pound!

Heartbreakingly, Tiffany wasn't able to join her newborn daughter for several days because her blood pressure was still too high. But, thankfully, Tiffany was able to watch Marley on a special camera system in the NICU that allows moms to tune in any time they want to see their babies.

Tiffany says, "The hardest part was when she was crying. She was so little, I just wanted to be with her and hold her."

Tiffany and her two boys, Jayden, who is 12, and Micah, who is 10, are so grateful for Arkansas Children’s.

Tiffany says, "It's such a difficult time, but I wouldn't change anything about the care Marley received at ACH. From the doctors to the nurses to the people at the front desk in the family room. There isn't one person I've encountered since our time here that hasn't helped make our stay as good as it can be."