Quick Access to Pediatric Surgeons and Hernia Center

The Hernia Center at Arkansas Children's has a fellowship-trained team of pediatric surgeons who evaluate and treat roughly 500 children with hernias and hydroceles every year. As the only team of pediatric surgeons in the state, the team is specially trained to treat all ages of children, offering minimally invasive surgery options (laparoscopy, small incisions) to even the smallest of patients.

We offer quick access. Wait times for clinic appointments are usually less than one week to see a surgeon. If surgery is needed, it will be scheduled at the parents' earliest convenience. Same day surgery can be accommodated in certain circumstances.

MyChart Direct Scheduling Continues

MyChart Direct Scheduling continues to add clinics for ACH in Little Rock and Arkansas Children's Northwest (ACNW). Current clinics include ENT, diabetes, endocrine, COACH, COED, urology, nephrology and dermatology.

MyChart Direct Scheduling allows the parents of established patients with MyChart access to schedule follow-up appointments for their children.

New Spina Bifida Services Offered

All of our patients with spinal cord disorders (spina bifida and spinal cord injury) are served by the Spinal Cord Disorders Program. This program has been offering telemedicine services at ACNW for two years. Feedback has been so positive that these services are coming soon to the ACH Jonesboro Clinic. Please call 501-364-1806 for more information.

Dr. Laura Hobart-Porter is working with the Information Scholars Program at UAMS on treating sleep related breathing disorders in children with spina bifida. She is working alongside colleagues from neurosurgery, pulmonary and ENT to develop and disseminate protocols to help children with spina bifida receive the support they need to thrive. Please call 501-364-1806 with questions about these new partnerships.

ACH - Fast Track Patients Through ENT

Pediatric otolaryngology at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) uses Fast Track scheduling for common pediatric ENT procedures (ear tubes, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, etc.). Fast Track expedites the time from initial referral to surgical intervention by coordinating cases for patients without other diagnoses that would raise the ASA score, i.e. asthma, prematurity, airway abnormalities, etc. During each clinic visit, the patient’s treatment plan is determined and history is assessed to confirm Fast Track eligibility. We have allotted Fast Track time weekdays in the OR.

ACH - DREAM Clinic: Poor Sleep after Surgery

The Dream Clinic is a multidisciplinary approach to treat sleep apnea in children who continue to have poor sleep after surgery. The mission of the Dream Clinic is to manage pediatric sleep apnea through world-class care and expertise.

Specialties involved in coordinated care include Ear, Nose and Throat, Sleep Medicine, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Nutrition and Respiratory Therapy. Please call 501-364-4000, and ask for the Dream Team to request an appointment.

ACH - Fontan Multidisciplinary Program Unique to State of Arkansas

The Fontan multidisciplinary program was established in October 2020. The Fontan program is the only dedicated program in Arkansas and one of the few in the country that offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive care for Fontan patients. The Fontan program strives to improve the quality of life for patients with Fontan circulation by providing early detection and treatment of long-term complications and reducing barriers to care. Patients are seen by multiple providers in one visit, which provides access to various services in a cost-effective manner and decreases the stress of scheduling visits on different days.

The Fontan program is provided with collaboration from providers in different pediatric specialized areas (cardiologists, pulmonologists, hepatologists, cardio neurodevelopmental nurse, psychologists, and social workers). These providers optimally manage patients with Fontan operation and provide regular communication with the families.

ACH - Asthma Clinic has Moved

The ACH Asthma Clinic has moved from Clinic 1 on ACH campus in Little Rock to Arkansas Children's Hospital Southwest Little Rock Clinic.

The new address is 9015 Dailey Drive, Little Rock, AR, 72209.
Fax number: 501-364-3493

To make an appointment, call 501-364-4000.

Urology Welcomes New Physician

The Urology Division is very happy to welcome their fourth pediatric urologist Dr. Vanessa Ortiz-Hernandez to the team this August! Dr. Ortiz-Hernandez will join Arkansas Children's after completion of her Pediatric Urology fellowship nearby in Memphis, TN. She has broad surgical experience in major and minor urologic disease management and interests in teaching and research. With her fantastic training, experience and fluency in both English and Spanish, we are very excited about the impact she will have on the children of Arkansas.

New Providers at Arkansas Children's